When Souls Entwine

The languish pervades,
permeating his very being;
In the air he breathes,
in the sighs he heaves.

He feels her touch,
tender and cool,
on a hot sunny day.

He hears her whispers
playful and hushed
in the sea of people.

He smells her fragrance
effervescent and suffused
filling the house.

The melancholy
hits him
at his happiest,
and at his still-est;
when he is awake,
and at the edge of sleep.

Her tingling laughter
at his silly dances;
Her furrowed brows
over the day’s crossword;
Her sunburnt nose
post the day’s gardening;
Her wispy hair
windblown and blonde;

He forgets her face,
cursing his ageing mind;
But he can’t forget her soul,
for she now rests in him…


The prompt for Day 17 of NaPoWriMo 2017 is to take write a nocturne.


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