The thing about a Letter

Something so simple
Yet so charming
in its own right.

A letter says so much,
said and unsaid.

It says you care,
in words
and deed.

It says you’re thankful,
before the postscript
without an afterthought.

It shares warmth,
in words
and heart.

It spreads smiles,
from afar
on face and heart.

The letter could be
of joy or sorrow,
but it’s always
a distant embrace
a silent succor.

It’s a dying art
to pen a letter;
To put
thoughts to words;
To manifest
actions in text.

What a wonderful thing
a letter!
That sweet sweet joy
in a crisp papel!
That effervescent whiff
of dried blue ink!

That’s the thing about a letter.

The prompt for Day 16 of NaPoWriMo 2017 is to take your inspiration from the act of letter-writing.


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